Abrahimen Persia Co. Ltd.

Our Mission

to plan and provide

... who we are!

Abrahimen Persia Co. Ltd. was established in 2004

as a specialist Shipbroking and Marine Consulting company,

with a particular focus on liquid and dry bulk movements.

The company has proved to play a significant supportive part in helping

the clients to accomplish a successful shipping experience.

Our expertise has been achieved through years of corporate

experience and the knowledge of individuals served the industry

in various fields of maritime activities.

The company's main activities remain divided equally between

Shipbroking and Consulting.

Our shipbroking activities include the hire and sale & purchase of vessels.

We involve in post-fixture operations, ship operations and management

as consultant or contractor.

Our clients include shipowners, charterers, shippers and cargo receivers.


Abrahimen Persia Co. Ltd.