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Abrahimen Persia Co. Ltd. is a knowledge-based corporation.

If you are thinking of expanding your core business incorporating a shipping division, or you are considering to ship a consignment from a place to another, whether you have previous experience or completely new to shipping, you will undoubtedly find our services useful.

Our Services


We understand the complex dynamics of the commodity markets offering our clients both technical and commercial skills necessary for developing, implementing and negotiating strategies for their time sensitive commodity movements. Our shipping expertise ranges from ship chartering activity to vessel sale and purchase and newbuildings to assessing and evaluating the current shipping and shipbuilding market trends.

Market Intelligence

We provide market information according to your requirements. We have access to the regional and global markets of ship chartering as well as vessel sale and purchase markets. Different shipping sectors are driven by independent market fundamentals affecting the supply of tonnage and the demand for transport of cargo in tonne-miles. Our clients consider our company a reliable resource in finding the best solutions for their shipping requirements.


A shipping agreement including a S&P contract or a charterparty for a bareboat, time or voyage charter is drawn up and negotiated with the counterpart for realisation of a successful transaction.

We liaise with the clients to recognise the exact requirements, adjust the requisition if necessary and proceed with market search, provide conforming offers and advance the plan of actions for finalising and signing the contract.


While a well-written shipping contract is essential, we trust planning and execution of the contract is indispensable to accomplish a prosperous transaction. We plan and act accordingly. Post-fixture operations and taking delivery of ships according to the sales agreement and charterparty are regarded as the most profound part of a shipping activity. We offer hands-on proven shipping plan execution services to realise a successful experience for our clients.

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